DND in the middle of a call

Using a Grandstream GXP2160, while in the middle of a call if I turn on DND (using a softkey programmed for *76) it puts the call on hold and enables DND. Dialing *76 or *78 manually doesn’t work at all…wondering if that is a DTMF issue, but haven’t had any luck with different canreinvite settings. Is it possible to enable DND mid-call without putting the current user on hold? Thanks!

Not possible.

Got it…alright, thanks!

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Is this a Grandstream-specific limitation? On my Yealink, I can press the DND button while on a call and the phone sends the *78 or *79 without affecting the call at all. It sends it in the INVITE for a logically separate call (different Call-ID); DTMF is not involved. The BLF key is coded as “DND” and the DND section of Features has Mode: Phone; DND On Code: *78; DND Off Code: *79.

Actually, I need to press it now because it’s ~02:20 here and I should get to bed :wink:

I was looking at a Grandstream manual for another reason and remembered this thread.

Referring to manual at http://www.grandstream.com/sites/default/files/Resources/gxp21xx_administration_guide.pdf p. 52, program the DND on and off codes (FreePBX defaults are *78 and *79). Leave Enable Local Call Features off. Program an MPK for DND and it should work without affecting a call in progress.

I never responded to say thank you for the reply on this! Really appreciate your taking a look and responding. I haven’t had a chance to test out what you suggested as of yet but will give it a try next time I’m onsite. Thanks again!

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