DND/Feature Code Issue

We are running FreePBX 14.0.11 / Asterisk 16.2.1 PJSIP endpoints
We have a very odd issue with the DND feature codes
*78 & *76 (If DND is not active) work fine. Enter either of them and get the DND activated as expected.
*79 & *76 (If DND is active, both return a 603 Declined
Cannot figure this out… Any ideas?

Can you get a call trace of what is going on when the 603 happens:

Unfortunately, unless I’m missing something, I can’t. There doesn’t appear to be any trace of the *79 nor *76 (If DND is active) in any logs. Here is a log from my actual endpoint if that’s any help

I would lay money that your problem is you have FOP2 installed.

And you would win…
Updated per that link and seems ok now… Thanks

I have reported it to the developer on their forum as well as sent a message on twitter. no answer yet, and no update on the application.

Recently they are not very responsive.

You’ll need some luck catching them in the live chat on their website.

I had once that they responded to a message I left in the live chat when they were “away”

Sad really, because it is a great product.


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