DND button not lighting up on S500 firmware

Is anyone else having issues with the button not lighting up when you press the DND button on the S500 phones with the latest firmware ( at the moment)?

That would mean something is not configured correct on your phone or EPM. I would contact support on this as you get free support on your Sangoma phones.

I keep on getting that on both the S500 and S700 a simple reboot fixes it. I believe its more of a firewall issue or the first time the phones communicate with the PBX Server. Before going even further are the phones locally or remote? My phones are remote that have that issue. Locally no problem at all.

I’m having trouble with the DND RESTapp getting out of sync with the PBX. Sometimes the phone will show DND enabled but the PBX will show “DND off” and vice-versa.
I ended up using the DND feature code as a work around but the problem with this is that the phone doesn’t show the user his DND status.

What firmware and FreePBX version, EPM and Phone Apps version are you using. That button literally just subscribes to a hint from Asterisk.

Sangoma UC60 10.13.66-21 | EPM 13.0.109 | S500

I upgraded the S500 phones to and still have the same problem. Didn’t take me long to reproduce the problem by turning DND on/off several times.

Seeing the same here;

S700 (also tried a few older versions), FreePBX, EPM

A key defined as XML-API REST-DND never illuminates its BLF light.

A hint is created, and does change to “State:Busy Presence:dnd” when DND is active on the extension, but Watchers is 0 which would explain the lack of BLF status lights.

Are you using pjsip or Chan sip

I’m using chan_sip


I battled with this test system for a few hours yesterday, re-installed FPBX twice from scratch, factory-defaulted and re-provisioned the S700 a few times, performed numerous reboots of server and phone, tried different phone firmwares, all to no avail; the BLF just wouldn’t light up.

BLFs pointing to other extensions always work so the phone definitely is able to subscribe to hints. The phone is on the same subnet as the server (just a single switch between them) - it’s as simple a test setup as it’s possible to get.

I’ve just come back to it this morning after it had been idle overnight and the DND BLF is lit up green! Pressing it now turns it red, and setting DND via UCP also reflects in the BLF colour.

Nothing happened to the system overnight; I’d already done all module and system updates, and automatic module updates was disabled so I don’t think anything’s changed in the few hours it was all sat idle.

I’m at a loss to explain what’s happened overnight to make this work. When I get time I’m going to re-install everything from scratch again and see if I can replicate the problem.

This is reproducible.

I installed FPBX from scratch and again the DND BLF failed to light at all. The problem is that the hint was missing so the phone had nothing to subscribe to.

However after leaving the system for a while (not sure how long as I had to go out) the hint appeared and the BLF started working, just as in my previous post. Everything works from that point on, including after server and phone reboots.

My test extension is 300 and this hint was initially missing but magically appeared sometime later;

*992*5*[email protected]: Custom:DEVDND300