DND BLF Not working

We have a problem on Aastra 67xx handsets, mainly 55’s & 57’s in that we have programmed two buttons.

One is *78 - DND On and the other *79 - DND Off

The function is working fine and the extensions go onto DND with no problems, the hints are also updating within asterisk and I have also enabled Custom Device States within the advanced menu.

The issue we have is we are getting no indication on the handset that DND is enabled, I would expect the DND On button to light up red or maybe the top indicator button on the handset to light up.

I have also tried a single button programmed as *76 for just DND Toggle on / off and get the same results.

I have found this bug report - http://issues.freepbx.org/browse/FREEPBX-7118
which is a fault logged to say DND BLF isn’t working but before I went any further I wondered if it’s related and I should wait until this is resolved.

We are running FreePBX & Asterisk

If it’s not related does anyone have any pointers.

I have been used the Aastra XML scripts for a while but we also use FOP2 and the XML DND script doesn’t update the hints as required and FOP2 doesn’t show an extension as being on DND hence why we have swapped over to &78 & *79.


Program the BLF button with *76 then the extension number. So on phone 104, you would program the BLF with *76104 and the button will track the hint properly. Single button toggles DND on/off.

Hi lgetz, thanks for the feedback. Just reprogrammed the button as *76202 ( 202 is my extension ) and it didn’t work… however I realised I have the button set as Speeddial… changed this now to BLF and it works great. Just need to work out now how to add the extension number as part of an Endpoint template so we don’t manually have to configure over 50 handsets…

Aastra handsets - programmed a button as BFL with value of “*76{$username.line.1}”

This uses *76 ( DND Toggle On/Off) along with the extension number line one is logged in as.

When used DND is enabled / disabled and the BLF light goes Red.

Make sure the default setting of "Enabled Custom Device State"s within the advanced menu is set or it will not work.