Divert Incoming call to Ring Group to VM

I am trying to find a one button solution to forward an incoming call manually to our VM (Actually a dynamic Route which I have created a Misc Application to give it a feature code.)

The ring group has 4 phones set to ring all. On a single extension the reject button does exactly what I want, forwards them to the set destination. But in a ring group if I hit reject it continues ringing on the other phones. I would like to be able to press a button and have the call immediately forwarded to the unanswered destination.

I tried setting one of the line keys to *555 but it does not do anything when the call is ringing. Pressing forward and the line key does not work, but dialing *555 does.

I am wondering if There is a way to make the entire ring group reject if I press reject or forward an incoming call to a speed dial line key. (Or other type of line key)

You want the rejected call to go to the mailbox of the person that rejects? Is that correct?

That’s not my understanding. As I understand it they want “busy everywhere” handling for a rejection for the ring group, rather than just busy here handling, and that the result is to fall back to a voicemail associated with the ring group, as a whole.

As best as I can tell, Asterisk does not distinguish between busy here and busy everywhere, and neither Dial() nor Queue have options to cause busy to be treated as anything other than busy here, so I don’t think this requirement can be met for parallel calling, and for sequential calling I suspect that the user would have to provide the logic to abandon the hunt on busy.

Actually, the correct SIP status, from the phone, would be 403 Forbidden, or 603 Decline (here, and everywhere variants), not one of the busy variants. However Asterisk doesn’t distinguish between 403, and 603, and the higher level code treats them as catch all cases, which are treated the same as would be a phone that wasn’t registered (CHANUNAVAIL dial status).

David55 is correct, I want it to continue to the unreachable destination of the ring group. Its actually a dynamic route and not a voicemail.

The alternative would be a one button transfer option. I have transferred incoming called to other parties on park by accident while trying to pick up a parked call using a BLF key. But it did not work for the feature code I made for the custom app that would continue to the dynamic route. But I did make it a speed dial. Maybe if it was a BLF instead.

I think BLF is probably the best option, makes sense.

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