Diversion headers

Hi all!

I`ve migrated from Trixbox with Asterisk 1.4 to FreePBX distro with asterisk 11.
Everything works great except for one thing…
If I set up call forward on my SPA941 to my cell phone forwarding does NOT work from internal numbers…
Example: I set call forward all on extension 201 with my SPA941 to my external cell phone.
I dial 201 from extension 505. Call does not work because:
Diversion: “My name” sip:[email protected];reason=unconditional
How to eliminate this diversion header?

I alreday disabled “Generate diversion hesaders” in advanced settings.

If I set call forward for 201 extension via *72 feature code, all is working just fine.


Answered my own question :slight_smile:
In Advanced settings under Astersik SIP settings I entered new setting under: Other SIP Settings

Name: send_diversion
Value: no

So: send_diversion = no

That of course did the trick :slight_smile: