Distro upgrade stuck with PHP version issue for System Admin module

Several months ago installed Distro build (CebtOS 5.5 Asterisk 1.8.6m FreePBX
Today I accepted a few upgrades and then decided to go on to 2.10, not such a good idea, I got most of the way, now cannot upgrade module system admin, here is the message:

PHP version 5.3.0 or higher is required, you have 5.2.17
The only similar issue does not seem relevant here. The upgrade sequence seems clear. This is a schmooze module, am I OK to live without System Admin or is there a way to upgrade my PHP

Did you use the upgrade scripts or try and upgrade just FreePBX from the GUI?

If you just upgrade FreePBX you will break a bunch of stuff.

Remember FreePBX is part of the FreePBX distro, other than that, and some common developers they are two totally distinct projects.

Please follow this thread and run through these upgrade scripts


Thanks Tony And SkyKing, I think I missed the concept that I was not to upgrade from insideā€¦ So Tony, do I need to do a fresh install or can I still run the distro upgrade scripts?
Also, the directions at http://www.freepbx.org/support/documentation/installation/updating-the-freepbx-distro tell me to
cd /usr/src/upgrades/
but there is no such directory, should I add upgrades to src?

You have to create that directory and download the scripts.

You can download them anywhere, I just updated the page to add that step.