Distro Upgrade Script for 1.811.210.57-2

I just published a new upgrade script to take your system to 1.811.210.57-2. This upgrade is to update Dahdi from 2.6.0 to 2.6.1 to fix numerous bugs in DAHDI and update wanpipe to 3.5.26 to also fix bugs with wanpipe in DAHDI 2.5 and 2.6.

To upgrade your box please see http://www.freepbx.org/forum/freepbx-distro/distro-discussion-help/stable-release-versions

Release notes on wanpipe update http://wiki.sangoma.com/sangoma-linux-drivers-software-announcements?page-version=0&date=20120424173155

I found this solution:



how i can apply this to freepbx-distro?

The Distro is all RPM based so we will have to wait for them to push the fix into Asterisk 1.8.x. Not sure which version the fix will make it into.

I have lost CDR’s since upgrade to 8.11. Am trying to ascertain the cause. It looks as if cdr_csv.so is not able to load correctly.

Any pointers on probable cause?

No clue and you did not state if you are on the Distro or what. Also FreePBX does not use cdr_csv for CDRs as it uses the mysql add ons for CDR’s

Sorry - was not very explicit.

I started with the full distro FreePBX-1.810.210.57-i386-Full-1335368711.iso and then ran the upgrade scripts to bring it up to the latest release and restored a FreePBX 2.10 backup I had saved from a previous install.

I soon realized that cdr_csv.so was not the reason and I then got on the right track by examining the asterisk logs which showed this line after a re-load:

[2012-05-01 09:44:56] ERROR[6853] cdr_mysql.c: Failed to connect to mysql database asteriskcdrdb on localhost

To investigate further I loaded phpMyadmin on the box and looked in amportal.conf for the mysql username and password and with those was able to connect to the database which was empty.

I then looked in cdr_mysql.conf and found the mysql password there was different than the one contained in amportal.conf. I changed this to the password from amportal.conf and after a reload the error message had disappeared and cdr’s are now being recorded.

It seems to me that after loading the Distro on the box and doing the restore that the cdr_mysql.conf from the backup was written to /etc/asterisk/ but amportal.conf from the backup was not written to /etc/ and remained the amportal.conf with the mysql password generated by the iso install.

Does this sound feasible?

Your issue is your restore of the backup.

The backup has the old MySQL password. Each install we generate a unique MySQL password. Amportal is written from the database not a flat file.

Go look at the MySQL password is /etc/freepbx.conf and make sure that is the same password in your cdr_mysql.conf than restart asterisk after updating it and your CDRs will work again.

In the future this shows why it is so important to get all the information. Your post was originally all I did was run a upgrade and CDRs no longer work which I spent 20 mins digging into 1.8.11 to make sure it was not some bug in Asterisk.

Sorry Tony, I was too hasty, I should have done more research on the problem before posting. Thanks for your help.

No problem just wanted to use this as an example of why we always ask for this information.

The reason amportal.conf is not backed up is that file is now all generated by the database. Also its in the /etc/directory which is owned by root not asterisk so the backup module which runs as asterisk user can not restore that file.