Distro upgrade procedure

I have an old system I want to upgrade to the current distro version. I know I have to run each upgrade script to get to the next version but do I need to reboot after each upgrade if prompted to do so?

I get a message to “REBOOT SYSTEM NOW FOR DAHDI AND WANPIPE CHANGES TO TAKE EFFECT” but I shouldn’t have to reboot if I simply want to run the next upgrade script and don’t care about the dahdi and wanpipe changes until the last upgrade. Please comment. Thanks.

4.211.64-3- to 4.211.64-4- to 4.211.64-5- to 4.211.64-6- to
4.211.64-7- to 4.211.64-8- to 4.211.64-9- to 4.211.64-10- etc…

Maybe it’s not mandatory but, personally, I always rebooted after each update script has ended (I know, it could be annoying and, strictly speaking, unnecessary).

Basically I felt to do so (doing so by night when my system had no load at all) because some updates install new Kernel, Kernel Modules and may alter services too then a reboot is always needed to let the system jumps into new Kernel.

Never had an issue (from FreePBX Distro 3.211.63-6 to FreePBX Distro 5.211.65-5).

Thanks. I reboot too but just thought I’d ask.

I would reboot anytime it tells you to. You should only see that notice if a reboot is needed for new kernel