Distro upgrade big jump, best path?

I have read the wiki page about updating distro’s. It looks like to go from where I am 1.818.210.62-3 to the latest distro I am looking at around 31 updates. This seems like a lot and that it will probably take many hours to complete. I have not yet performed a distro update with an upgrade script so I’m not sure how long to expect.

Do I need to update all modules at each step along the way as well? Or can I just plug through the distro update scripts until I reach my desired version and then update my modules?

Is the better path to backup and do a fresh install and then restore and repair the database? I just want to get there without it taking 2 or 3 nights of my life to do it.

I don’t use the distro because it’s not available on Amazon yet, but my take would be:

  1. always create a backup first
  2. follow the upgrade path including modules so that your config files and database get upgraded appropriately along the way - less risky for such an old build

Someone who knows the distro better could speak to whether or not another path is safe. “amportal a ma upgradeall & amportal a r” is your best friend if you need to upgrade all modules.

I was able to upgrade from 5.211.65-14 to 6.12.65-20 using the upgrade scripts followed by a transition from Asterisk 11 to Asterisk 13 in about three hours. I had previously upgraded my FreePBX GUI from 2.11 to 12 and had updated me modules prior to the distro upgrade so that made it quite a bit easier, I didn’t have to go in every time after a script and update my modules. My three hours wasn’t spent chugging along and doing script after script though either, I would run a script and step away. Some would take several minutes, some would finish before I could step away, so your time will vary, but I don’t think you will need three nights to do it. My jump from 5 - 6 brought me right to -20, I didn’t have to start 6 at -1.