Distro keeps shutting

Nope. Never. You have something misconfigured

The DigitalOcean Console shoud show you either it is not stppped or if it is, then why it stoppped

turning it off and it coming back could also indicate firewall safety trip allowing you in for a bit

if its truly shutting down or crashing it would be logged , use the last command below for shutdowns

~]# last -x 
root     pts/0    Sun Aug 15 17:40   still logged in   
runlevel (to lvl 3)   3.10.0-1127.19.1 Sun Aug 15 17:37 - 17:40  (00:02)    
reboot   system boot  3.10.0-1127.19.1 Sun Aug 15 17:37 - 17:40  (00:03)    
shutdown system down  3.10.0-1127.19.1 Sun Aug 15 17:36 - 17:37  (00:00)    
root     pts/0    Sun Aug 15 17:05 - down   (00:30)    
root     pts/0    Thu Aug 12 18:47 - 19:18  (00:31)    
runlevel (to lvl 3)   3.10.0-1127.19.1 Thu Aug 12 17:51 - 17:36 (2+23:44)   
reboot   system boot  3.10.0-1127.19.1 Thu Aug 12 17:50 - 17:36 (2+23:45)   
root     ttyS0                         Thu Aug 12 17:25 - 17:47  (00:22)    
runlevel (to lvl 3)   3.10.0-1127.19.1 Thu Aug 12 14:50 - 17:51  (03:01)    

to check if asterisk is crashing, look for a core file in /tmp or better yet have a notification for safe_asterisk defined and tested

last but not least insure your far end network is a trusted firewall network and also added to intrusion detection

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Thanks guys, but I bit the dust. After 3 hours of fighting with it, I decided to call it quits. I destroyed it and re-started it. I think this is a more stable install. I didn’t get any of the errors from before. Hopefully this one will work.

O.K. guys, that didn’t work either. The new one is also shutting down.

What are you installing? The distro?

I use Vultr which allows you to upload your own ISO. Have multiple installs running for over a year without issue on there.

I never had an issue until I connected phones. Then I had to re-install and now it doesn’t turn on and the second install s well.

Wow… All day wasted on this…

Your issue isn’t FreePBX, it’s your install, setup, configuration.

What could I be doing wrong?.. Setting up Firewall?..

A) Back to DO,

B) Search the marketplace for FreePBX

C) Deploy it.

D) Send @billsimon a beer if it works (you will need to do that :wink: )


You have probably misconfigured a sip device and getting your IP banned by fail2ban. Once you’re banned, you will lose all access until the ban clears

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Can he successfully install “The Firewall” on Centos 7 ?

If you are using @billsimon 's image from the market place then likely @lgaetz post applies (but you will not be “using Centos 7” )

This is 100% not distro then. How many other things are you not telling us?

This is what I’m using. Issue with Distro

I had the phones set up with 5160 and they were 5060… Thanks

Then yes, you are using Distro. It is called CentOS on DO because DO doesn’t know what a “SangomaOS” is.

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Like anything. All it takes is understanding of how it works…

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