Distro fails to install

Noobie here trying to install the FreePBX distro. When it boots into the graphical install, there are no hard drives, only the thumb drive I booted from. I stumbled upon a message about the drive being unavailable. “Requested boot drive /dev/disk/by-id/ats-WDC … doesnt exist or cannot be used.” I’ve tried changing the drives from ACHI to IDE and RAID in the bios with no change in the results. Ideally, I’d like to use the motherboard’s LSI Raid. Any help would be appreciated. Would install manually, but I need the commercial module support.


FreePBX refuses to automatically install to any drive that tells the system it is removable. The simplest way around this is to just pick Advanced install, and select the drives manually.

Thanks for the suggestion. Gave it a try and it was not happy with that either. Only the thumb drive shows up.

I was just playing with the box on the workbench and plugged a 120g SSD and booted it. Installer ran perfectly. For giggles, I added a second 120g SSD and booted it again to the thumb drive. Ran fine. Auto created the RAID and everything. At this point, I’m scratching my head as to why it cannot find the WD 1tb Black drives plugged into the same ports as the SSD drives. Is 1tb too big? For what I need, the 120gb SSD’s will work fine.

Just curious, would the installer have had issue with the drives having another OS on them? This machine previously been setup for PBX In a Flash but was never deployed. After the changes over there, and the need for a couple of the commercial modules, we are migrating all our offices to FreePBX. (6 in total)

Trey Cooper

Nope - for whatever reason, your drive is not showing up as a valid drive. I just installed FreePBX on a 2TB Seagate Black, so there’s something peculiar about your setup with that disk.