Distro download unavailable

Hello at time of writing, the distro download from the main site is not available. The page tries to load with but no download occurs from: downloads.freepbxdistro.org. Is there a mirror site?

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Are you having a DNS issue at all. I can get to it fine.

Hi it seems downloads.freepbxdistro.org was totally down for a few hours today (sunday) including all files (distro & .sh update files) it came back up about 1 hour ago. Maybe worth looking into a mirror in case it ever happens again. But everything seems fixed now. Thanks for your reply.

Well we have a cluster of 3 servers already with round robin DNS. Seems more like a DNS issue than anything. We did take out a server today for Maint and updated the round robin DNS 48 hours ago to make sure nobody would resolve to that server anymore. My guess is your DNS server was not honoring our TTL.

Hi There,

I have been trying to download the Distro from the website (http://www.schmoozecom.com/distro-download.php) and I am unable to get anywhere? The page tries to load, but fails. I have tried using different DNS servers as mentioned above. Is there a direct download to the latest Distro ?

Thanks a bunch!

Caboose: any chance you’re located in Canada? I’ve had the same problem from my Telus service, but can download fine from my Shaw service. I suspect it’s related to the explosion at the Shaw data center in downtown Calgary.

www.atcomsystems.ca I am in New Zealand… so not quite Canada.
Just checked the link again today and all seems to be perfect. Not sure what was going on yesterday. But seems the Stable release for 1.813.210.58 cannot be found on the server =S I will have to use the Beta haha.