Distro 4.211.64-7 - nothing in /var/www/html and no Web GUI

I installed Distro 4.211.54-7 on new box
I get no Web GUI, just the Apache HTTP test page so Apache is running

  1. there are ZERO files in the /var/www/html directory
  2. there is no schmoozecom.conf file in the etc/httpd/conf.d directory

is 1 and 2 as expected?

sorry for the typo in above post

Please look for the file: pbx-first-boot.sh

locate pbx-first-boot.sh

Then run it

This happens when you dont have dns/internet setup during install

thx much for your help. sounds logical. pbx-first.boot.sh file does not exist. your instructions where great, very easy to follow and no “fluff”. SO, since this is a frsh install, I am doubling back to make sure the box has internet access and simply starting with boot from DVD with Distro 4.211.64-7. I’ll post back results. thx again.

file pbx-first-boot.sh not found

You system should have (note the underscore) the pbx_first_boot.sh shell script in these two positions: