Distro 14 to Distro 15 Upgrade

Just an FYI for whatever it is worth, but I did another 14 to 15 backup/restore. I upgraded the 14 Backup/Restore module to the Edge version, and had the 15 Backup/Restore module also on the latest Edge version

There were no runs no drips no errors and was pretty painless. EXCEPT and again, no voicemail settings were restored at all. No voicemail was enabled and no email address, no nohting when it comes to voice mail settings. I triple checked and ran another 14 backup and double checked that voicemail was selected in the backup and still no settings at all came over.

I also had the 14 backup backup the custom sounds (IVR announcements) and those did not restore to 15 again as well.

These are pretty minor, but if you have a bunch of email setups in one’s extensions, it can be pretty time intensive. Copying over the System sounds for the IVR is not big deal, BUT it would be cool if all this stuff could be backed up and restored.

Other than the above two issues, a piece of cake! Working pretty well but room for improvement!

Has this already been submitted to bug reports?


You might want to include /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf in the backup. The settings there are not stored in the database at all.

Thanks yokem55. I will do so in the future. I just feel that such should be included in any backup. Hopefully those in control we’ll add that as well as custom sounds which appear to be selectable in the backup in v14 but they just don’t come over in a restore to 15.


Please test with latest voicemail module version


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I don’t see an issue open for this in with the FreePBX team. But I do have a couple of suggestions, try testing first if you can, like @jphilip suggested. Secondly, is there any particular reason for restoring directly to 15. I know we support it, I would assume better luck could be had restoring to 14 and then upgrading.

If you’re still having issues, feel free to open an issue with the FreePBX team here:

Hi Matt and thanks for the reply. The reason for restoring to 15 is new hardware. The box I was restoring to is pretty much ready to go to my brother so I will grab another old box and give it it a try and will report back. It will be later this week as out of town.

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