Distributed call center

Hello. So just looking for some advice really. We are getting ready to purchase our second location and get it up and running. We are going to try and have a freePBX phone server at each location.

What we are hoping to do is have one set of queues to which all of our call center techs are logged into the queues to receive calls. I have read things about xmpp and using IAX2 to connect the two phone servers, unfortunately I can’t find any instructions or help with setting this type of thing up. If anyone would have some advice or know of where to get some instructions for setting up the different items needed to achieve this that would be great. Thanks in advance.

First perform the junction between the two FreePBX via IAX , then enter the extensions of the new FreePBX in line at the current PBX.

Is distributing the device states via XMPP necessary or just nice to have?

And what you’re saying here is I would have to enter a line in the queue of the extensions of the other freePBX server?

Example :

FreePBX - A
Queue : 300
2000,0 ; Extension of FreePBX - B
2001,0 ; Extension of FreePBX - B
2002,0 ; Extension of FreePBX - B

FreePBX - B

Ah that’s simple enough. Do you know if I would have to distribute device states via XMPP?