Distinctive Ring on ZAP channels?

I am migrating my home/office system from Asterisk 1.0 to freePBX and the main feature I’m going to be losing is the distinctive ring on my ZAP channels.

I have seen that there is a way to set an ALERT-INFO message to SIP phones, but there is no accomodation for ZAP channels.

Have I missed it?

If it isn’t there, I will try to create a workaround that will do it and hopefully I’ll have some time to perhaps modify freePBX to allow for that option on Zap channels…


Go to Incoming Rout in Sewtup an select add new incoming rout select ZAP and then leave DID and Caller ID blank, then add the Zapchannel number in the ZAP Channel box then add then fill in the Alert Info box and select update

Also you must edit the zapata-autoconf file

That would be for calls coming in on a Zap channel. I want to change the ring on the destination ZAP channel.