Distinctive Ring on Polycom Phones

Can anybody give me some guidance on distinctive ring on Polycom phones? I have configured this in Asterisk home built systems before and just want to see if there is a better way to do it with FreePBX.

I have added the following Alert-Info config to the sip.cfg on my FreePBX server and then added “External” as the text in the Alert-Info field for an inbound route for one of my DIDs.

It works but is there a better way?

Are there standard alert info headers that I can send to a Polycom phone to just select one of the existing ring tones?

  <EXTERNAL se.rt.2.name="External"

If FreePbx on just about every inbound, ring group, que, etc. configuration page there is an “Alert Info” box that you can configure with the appropriate bellcore distinctive ring.


I understand that I can enter the appropriate information in the Alert-Info field. I tried what I thought were the correct entries for standard bellcore distinctive ring patterns. It did not work.

If anyone has the correct Alert-Info configuration for Polycom phones I would appreciate an example of what to enter into the Alert-Info field.