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I have an extension setup for a receptionist. It is configured so that if she does not answer, it will roll over to about five other extensions in the office. Is there a way, or best practice, for a distinctive or different ringtone to be used so that the end user will know that the call is rolling over from reception and not a direct dial to their extension?

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If your overflow is a ring group or a queue you can set the Alert-Info to specify a distinctive ring.


Thank you, Andrew. This seems to be the way to go. I’m wondering if the distinctive ring ONLY works for Sangoma phones or if it will work with other brands, as well.

This setup I am thinking about is all Sangoma, however, I vaguely remember seeing somewhere that some of the distinctive ring features only work if you are using all Sangoma phones. I have another setup that has a mixture of Sangoma and Yealink. I wonder if this will work there, as well.

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The alert-info you see in the drop-down is predefined alert info names that matches to the Sangoma phones, you can use the same alert info name for any brand, you’ll just have to set them up in EPM or manually on the phone.

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