Distinct rings depending of call origin?


I have done quite few searches but all results are too old or pointing at documentations that don’t exist anymore :frowning:
I have a Fanvil V67 in a room named Kitchen. I’d like to get 3 distinct rings on it: one for call from a specific extension that is the entry door, one used for 2 other extensions, and last one for calls coming from outside.
I have looked in documentation of the Fanvil V67 but can’t see anything to do that and in FreePBX I have no idea how it could be done and if it’s possible.



Distinctive rings require the phone to support it as you’re using the ring tones provided by the phone.

Well I handed up cheating but it’ll make the trick ! I have setup two additional sip extension in FreePBX and then routed the different type of calls through these extension and each extension has its own set of settings in phone even automatic hangup for one of them :slight_smile:

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