Disti on SSDs?

Anyone know of any issues installing and running the disti on SSD drives?


So far my system (an Intel Atom CPU D510 based with a Corsair Force 3 60GB SSD) is running pretty very well although its File-Systems weren’t tuned (initially the system was used with a FreePBX Distro 3.211 as test then FreePBX Distro was upgraded to 4.211, so default File-Systems were, and currently are, EXT3 because all started with a FreePBX Distro version which was CentOS 6.3 based).

Would be interesting to run it now with native EXT4 File-Systems eventually without using the discard option (into /etc/fstab) in favour of adopting a Cron Job that performs a one-time trim operation (fstrim) on relevant File-Systems (mostly / and /boot I presume) once a day, maybe overnight when the system should be less in use (it seems that this way is better than having a system that discards real-time by doing on-line trimming).

Naturally, tuning is a very subjective matter.

Read here or here (these are just examples) and the very well explicative page here about SSD and tuning.

I asked for suggestions here few months ago here.

Probably my system is too young and also over-rated for its average usage level (14 phones, 1 BRI ISDN Trunk, FAX Server enabled) that may not represents the systems’ average.