Display Trunk Name on Incoming Calls

I have a ring group 600(401/402/403/404/405) that answers all incoming calls.
I have a trunk I added recently that is for a separate business (but still answered by the same people)

What I would like to do is name/tag that trunk, so the ring group extensions are able to see on their phone display that the call is from that particular trunk - so they can answer with that business name accordingly.

Not sure how I would go about doing this, or if it is even possible. Any help/guidance is appreciated.

Go to Applications->Set Caller ID and the help text there will tell you how to set it up. The Destination should be Ring Group 600.

Then, change the Incoming Route’s Destination for the new trunk to be the new Set Caller ID entry.

Thanks Stewart1. That’s just want I wanted :slight_smile: