Display trunk name instead of number on CDR-reports


Is it possible to display trunk name instead of its phonenumber on cdr-reports? When viewing reports, report type is set to Call Graph and Group By option as DID. This returns list and each DID is represented by its number as it should.

Is there a way to view this list but numbers are replaced by names? e.g: John1, John2, Jane1, Jane2 etc. It would be easier to us to see data with names rather than numbers.
Or even displaying both name and number is fine.
If is matters, we use only Inbound routes, so calling outside is not possible.

Server is Raspberry 3 and using Incredible PBX and Asterisk 13.19.0


Your awareness of this fact is a clue.

Your trunks provide an inbound route from a server. The call that is delivered is interpretted and at that moment the inbound DID is established. There’s no one-to-one (or even one-to-many) relationship between trunks and DIDs. The DID isn’t even interpretted until it gets into the inbound route processing.

Now, would it be possible to give each DID a name? Sure, but that will require a change to the CDR Reports that you are using. The good news is that CDR Reports are (IIRC) Open Source, so knock yourself out and submit the changes back so that other people can benefit from your work.

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