Display name / Screen Name

I am using the Pro EPM and can’t seem to get the template manager to pull the Display name and/or Screen Name. The idea here is to have the user’s name (ie: John Doe) and the extension number displayed on the screen. Seems to be pulling the extension number and not the people friendly name. I tried changing the template using these parameters:


I tried these both for “sip line1 display name” & “sip line1 screen name”


sip line1 display name: "4251"
sip line1 screen name: “4251”

Curious if I am doing something horribly wrong here, as it seems an elementary thing having a user friendly name display on the phone by default. Where does the name parameter get pulled from? Perhaps I configured the extension wrong?


What version of EPM as newer EPMs let you pick extension, name or both

I am using, it’s the Pro license. I have selected the “Name-Extension” option for my Line Label.

Ok well that should show both. Sounds like a bug. Please open a bug report at issues.freepbx.org

Done and done, thanks.

Looks like a version was available, fixed now.