Display last active time-condition for basic company number on Sangoma Phone - are we open or are we closed?

Don’t I need at least two time conditions for an automatic setup? One for holidays and one for open weekdays and hours? The special service status I can realize with a call-flow-button and do it manually.

No not at all. I have said that a few times. 1 Time Condition and 1 Time Group. In the Time group for example set Monday thru Friday 8AM to 5PM as business hours.

For Holidays for example in the same time group add Dec 25th with no start or end time and that whole day will be treated as closed. Keep adding your other Holidays and your done.

The actual example is laid out in our wiki for the Time Group module. Have you looked at all the documentation in the wiki before? its full of great tips and examples. https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/Time+Group+User+Guide

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Ohhhhh…I didn’t know that if you add a date to a time group with no start and end time that it will be treated as a non-event within this time group!!! Sorry, my time group settings are rather old. I did this many years ago…
I still don’t understand, how the BLF-time-condition-button will react to a non-event in a time-group. Is the time condition met or not? Anyway, I will play around with it…and find out.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

The BLF just shows current state of matched or unmatched. So on your Holidays it will be unmatched meaning closed and show red just like it would after 5PM.

It seems to me that there are still many issues with the calendar plugin. On a different freePBX 14 system I wanted the paging-pro module to call certain extensions and play an announcement. It always worked when I used the scheduler in the paging group, it never worked when I used the calendar feature…which by the way should have an unmatched-option…since most people want to use it for holidays. Yet, as I said, it has many issues…I played around with it for hours, no luck!

Back to topic…I might be wrong, but most customers of a voip-system are small companies and they have ONE BASIC external number. If I were you, I would program some code, which shows the final destination of calls (open, closed, etc) on Sangoma phones for this basic external number. I don’t understand, why nobody has done this yet? I really like freePBX, but I never understood why certain basic problems never got fixed. Based on the inbound route of the basic external number, it should be possible to trace the current state of incoming calls (last active time condition in a chain etc). Am I wrong? :wink:

Report them then:


Yes. You are.

There are reports on issues with the calendar module. For example that it doesnt fire if one uses all-day events.
Yet, I learned that this is a normal feature in timegroups, if one uses all-day events together with specific time events.
All-day events get treated as exclusion events.
Dont get me wrong, the calendar module is great, especially the use of caldav online calendars, but it definitely needs more testing and fixing.

Back to time conditions…I understand that in FreePBX there is currently no way to show the user where calls to the basic phone number (ext 0) of the company are going, but this is a basic feature of e.g. any German Auerswald phone system. And yes, I understand that certain calls have different inbound routes, but I am talking of any visual control on a Sangoma phone that the average caller of the companies main number gets through or gets a “we are closed” message. This is basic stuff :wink:

There are no reports that are open. Any report you are talking about is resolved and published.

You are referencing and old report which already has a released fix against it.

You are missing one glaring fact. It’s basic to you. You are the first person to ever ask for this “basic” feature since the inception of freepbx in 2005.

What the sangoma phones do have is the ability to do blfs against any timeconditon and additionally with rest apps more visual control over specific time conditions.

Have you played with our phone apps on Sangoma Phones. The show your visual info on time conditions.

So, you don’t agree that having a visual control of the destination of incoming calls to the main company number would be helpful?
To know if the caller gets connected to the IVR, which plays the ‘we are open’ announcement, or the ‘we are closed’ message.
I have been using freePBX systems for 10 years or so, but always with a patched Asterisk and Cisco phones. So I thought this is a problem of not using Sangoma phones.
Now I bought the most expensive Sangoma model and realize that in combination with freePBX it still misses important features. Anyway, I can live with it… :wink:
If the new calendar module is ok, I will try it again some time, thanks

Thanks, I played around with it. They are way to complicated for the average user in a company.
Too many options…
Dont get me wrong, I personally like such sophisticated stuff, but open-closed-monitoring of the main company number has to be simple…

Ok well maybe you are trying to simplify to much. Users want features. We do tons of market research and talking with customers and reseller all around the world of all sizes and very few times do we get we want things simpler. It’s the very opposite. We want more advanced features and options so we chase the customers who are paying our bills and buying our products.

Closing thread as it’s no longer productive to keep going in circles on a feature you want. If you want something different feel free to go build it. That’s the beauty of open source.

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