Display is out of range

When I try to install my freshly burned sangoma dvd containing asterix and freepbx I got an error message on my monitor /display it is “out of range”. When I install opensuse 15.1 with asterix and other software such as apache then there are NO problems. Could this issue have something to do with the sangoma software?
Please advise and thank in advance

The freePBX distro just gives you a linux low-resolution terminal-like output. Your fancy monitor might not support it. Try a different monitor…

Thanks for your quick reply and I think I will. But is this not a signal to the developers that they might try to implement a multi resolution of some sort?

I installed freePBX distros numerous times…never had this problem. Either it is your monitor or it is some ancient hardware of your PC…I guess…

Do you see the grub start screen?

If your system supports other Linux distros, you could install Linux Mint.
If it runs ok, install Virtualbox. (manuals youll find in the www).
Install the freePBX distro in Virtualbox. The advantage is that you have a hardware-independent freePBX machine, which can be easily backuped and copied. The resolution of your monitor wouldnt be a problem either.

try adding


to your grub options on the boot screen.

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