Display call alert on all extensions in the group

I would like to know if it is possible to show a call alert on the display of all extensions in the service group, thus allowing the call to be answered

Can you please elaborate a but more?
You want a visual notification instead of a ringtone?

If so, then depending on that phone you have, you can do a visual BLF alert and then press the BLF to answer.

Yes, exactly

I have a ring group and I would like that when one of the extensions receives an incoming call, all the others receive an alert of the call, allowing the service also by the others, referring to the visual BLF alert, could inform me of the application and configuration procedure

You can use a standard BLF key to monitor the ring group. Or you can use Visual BLF, which depends on the type of phone you have. With the Sangoma phones, you can enable Visual BLF in endpoint manager.


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