Discrepancy Between What CDR Reports As Call Duration And Actual Time On Call


I have come across an issue where there is a discrepancy between what CDR Reports is reporting as the duration of a call and the actual time spent on the call. In this case, the time spent on the call was about 40 minutes, but CDR reports only shows the duration of the call as 06 seconds. However if I drill down into the details of the call, I can see that there are two separate times where there was a HANGUP and then a CHAN_END event: once at 09:40 and then again at 10:24. When this happens I see that the numbers for CNUM and ANI swap around, but I am unsure of what this means. Was this some kind of transfer or forward? It would be great if FreePBX could write a couple paragraphs on deciphering the information found within CDR Reports. I just have a lot of data, but I can not interpret it to find out the information that I need. Any help is appreciated.


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