Discontinued Modules: System Admin and OSS PBX End Point Manager?

We recently installed Distro 3.211.63-3 and upon checking for all module updates (basic, extended, unsupported, and commercial), the System Admin and OSS PBX End Point Manager modules do not appear. Does this mean Free PBX is no longer providing these modules in their product? If not, what alternatives are being provided for configuring network settings and phone templates through the GUI?

No both of those modules are still available and sysadmin should be installed at install time. Sounds like something is jacked on your box or what you are looking at.

However, System Admin still not there. We installed the distro on two boxes to setup HAAST environment and the modules were absent on both. The EPM now appears for download on both, but not the System Admin yet. (I’m guessing this module also provides the General Settings option when installed, as I don’t see any specific module for it, but it is absent from the Settings menu.)

Sysadmin isn’t showing in the modules directory (/var/www/html/admin/modules). Is there a location to download it and install manually?

If you are using FreePBX 2.11 there is no longer a General Settings module, those settings have been moved to more logical locations.

If it did not get loaded by default, you most likely have bigger issues, and should look at starting over. You can load modules using the Module Admin module, and enabling the commercial repository.

Funny how this didn’t work on Tuesday or yesterday when I tried it on both systems (systematically, checking basic, extended, unsupported, and commercial). But, it’s there now and I can finally set a static IP and config DNS. Wonderful! Thank you, again.