Disconnect time after hangup

Once a call is hung up, the ring group still continues to ring for a good 4-5 seconds. Also when a message is left, it continues to record for quiet a while after the caller has hung up.

Please provide info on what version of FreePBX you are using. Is it a distro install or build your own. Asterisk version? What brand of phones? Some output from the Asterisk CLI of what happens when a call is made.

I am sure they have FXO trunks and do not have disconnect supervision enabled.

I am using the latest download of AsteriskNow. I have upgraded to version 2.9 of FreePBX. LeadpFrog’s reply looks right. I will google on how to enable disconnect supervision. Thanks

I apparently need to add “hanguponpolarityswitch” to zapata.conf.

Do I put this in [Channels] section of the file?

zapata.conf is for the old Zaptel drivers.

Read the Digium DAHDI documentation.

I think you can define it in /etc/dahdi/system.conf. Check the docs I am going by memory. It may have to go in the Asterisk channel driver config file chan_dahdi.conf

Thanks for that…i was getting bad echo so i created a zapata.conf file based on the template file to do this…so what you are saying is that this was the wrong approach. all issues should be addressed via dahdi docs.

There is not zaptel anymore.

DAHDI replaced it years ago, something to do with the trademark and General Zapata’s heirs.

This is probably a silly question, with an obvious answer but here goes:

FreePBX has Zap Trunk (DAHDi compatibility mode) and Dahdi Trunk in the Trunk menu. If I am using Zap Trunk (DAHDi compatibility mode), does this mean that I am not using Dahdi at all? If so, why leave it as part of the distro? I found easy documentation to get the Zap Trunk to work but nothing detailing a simple method for Dahdi implementation that is easy to follow for the novice.

You are kinda confused. First of all you are running Asterisk Now, not our distro. FreePBX has to maintain backwards compatibility with Asterisk 1.4 so that means that it has to support Zaptel. Asterisk from 1.4.27 on only supports the new DAHDI drivers.

All of the information for the system.conf and chan_dahdi.conf is included with the DAHDI-Linux package that is on your system. It is also over at voip-info.org.

I checked and you need to put the disconnect option in the chan_dahdi.conf

Here are the links:



This is not a FreePBX or an Asterisk issue. DAHDI is a separate project.