Disappearing target extensions list in ring groups

I have two systems running freepbx 2.10 the latest rc one them running asterisk 10.0.1

on that system (running asterisk 10) i have a funny problem the target extensions list in the ring groups keep disappearing
all the groups are ok but the list is empty
if i have a long list then each day the first on list disappears or something like that
i have 1 list that has 20 extensions and a week ago i noticed the first extension missing but today i see its missing 6 extensions

i have checked all logs and proccess and havent found malicious code but i have found in freepbx_debug log dozens if not hundreds of these errors twice at 1:08 am also at some other times

[WARNING]: array_push(): Cannot add element to the array as the next element is already occupied

i also see these errors alot but not as much

2012-Feb-15 18:24:11 /var/www/html/admin/modules/ringgroups/page.ringgroups.php:203
[NOTICE]: Undefined variable: tabindex

2012-Feb-15 18:23:08 /var/www/html/admin/modules/ringgroups/functions.inc.php:35
[NOTICE]: Undefined index: description

any help would be greatly apprieciated

I am having the same problem. At first I had only noticed it on my system and it was the same extension both times, but now it happened at a client system, it has twice not lost 2 extensions out of multiple ring groups.

If either of you could produce steps that can reproduce the issue, that would be helpful. @bpps the xml2Array issue are unrelated.

Well Moshe and I have both seen this also but we have not seen any errors. Not even sure where to look on this.

but dont have a clue,
I have tryed removing any outside modules i had on that system like smart routes and have i have a almost identical system (just the asterisk version is differant) where i left all those

menwhile i didnt have the problem again but still checking every day. while on the other system i never had it.

the problem system has

the latest fpbx 2.10 rc
asterisk 10.0.0
mysql 5.0.77
php 5.2

Just to eliminate it, I don’t have any outside modules on either of my problem systems. And to address the earlier question, there really aren’t any steps to reproducing the problem other than putting extensions in the ring group and waiting. It’s quite odd. I haven’t found anything to indicate what may be going on.

I’ve done a pretty through analysis of the code to determine if some other module might be doing this or if something in Ring Groups might be doing this.

Also, we checked the logs to see if there were any changes that could have anything to do with this of recent and there really aren’t any that could be related.

There is very old migration code in FreePBX that could have been triggered but VERY unlikely and even there, probably would not cause this.

As Ring Groups does not have an edit routine, but only an add and delete api, if SQL transaction logging is enabled on a system then it would be possible to check the SQL log and determine if something was responsible for this.

If there is a system that is regularly encountering this we could also add some logging statements with full back traces in the Ring Group module that could be checked when this issue is discovered. Then it can be determined if this was done by the Ring Group API and how it was initiated based on the back trace, and in conjunction with the SQL transaction logging, we could see if otherwise something updated the table.

One thing for certain, retrieve_conf has to be run to make this happen (e.g. the red bar) because with Ring Groups the group list is ONLY kept in the SQL database and generated into the dialplan, unlike Follow Me which keeps it in the AstDB (and the SQL database as it turns out…)

and was fixed about the 15-16 because since then i dont have the problem again
it might have happend every time i made changes between the bug and the fix and ran retrieve_conf

socs28 do you still have the problem?

what do you mean about 15-16 ?

The check we did was to look at all changes to Ring Group since about September given how few there were and of those changesets, what had any possibility at all of doing this.

There hadn’t veen anything back to September and we didn’t look before that.

feb. 15-16

Is there any update on this. It has happened to me already 3 times on the same system where the first extension on every ring group disappears.

but i still cant find it happened
I thought i noticed it happen whenever i access my system from my blackberry but i cant reproduce it so its probably not that
i also tried reproducing using the endpoint manager which was throwing a sql error when adding a device without a mac but didn’t happen either

Keep on digging! It’s buggin me, although I have thankfully not seen it again. But I have NOTHING to go on…

I thought it had gone away for me, then happened again last week. I’m not sure what day, but we noticed it Friday. I know that’s not helpful in terms of finding it…but I haven’t been able to find anything that can narrow it down.


I think we have this tracked down. Each time you do a bulk import using the bulk import extension module it deletes the first extension in the ring group. So if you import twice it deletes 2 total extensions. We are looking into the issue and should have a new bulk import out today to fix it.

While that may be AN issue, it’s not THIS issue - I haven’t used the bulk import module and have seen the issue anyway.

Ok we tracked it down to a change that was made early in 2.10. Please upgrade your 2.10 to the latest ring group module and your issue should be fixed. In the past if a extension was deleted it never removed it from the ring groups. Works was done to have the extension removed from the ring group if you delete the extension. The issue was if the extension was not in the ring group it would delete the first extension in the ring group list.