Disallow calling extensions from outside

I’d like to prevent incoming calls to certain extensions except when the call originates from an extension on the same pbx. Outside calls would get routed to an IVR menu, calls originating from an extension would go through. Is this possible?

I’m not sure what you’re asking. If your main number routes to an IVR that allows dialing an extension directly, set it up to use a Directory instead, which lists all extensions except those you wish to prohibit.

If each extension has its own DID and you want to route some of those to an IVR, just change the Inbound Route for those DIDs.

Otherwise, please describe your requirements in more detail.

Our main number does route to an IVR that allows calling an extension directly. We have a help desk where customers are calling certain agents directly instead of allowing the IVR to route to the next available agent. We want to change this such that if a customer (or anyone) calls from outside and they dial an extension directly, it will route them back to the IVR. But, we want to allow other employees, from another extension, to call the agent’s extension.

We tried changing extension numbers but the new numbers got to our customers.

We do have DID and we do not give our DID numbers to our customers thereby allowing outside calls (from family members for example) to reach the agent.

If your IVR uses a Directory (Enable Direct Dial specifies a Directory name), only the extensions listed in that directory can be dialed. If this is not working properly, paste a log of a failed call (one that incorrectly routed to the extension dialed).

Disable direct dialing in the IVR.

The IVR does not use a directory and we would prefer to not add it. It also doesn’t really solve the problem as I assume the caller can still enter the extension number.

You assume wrong based on this.

We want direct dialing for the non-help desk employees.

Thank you, I’ll give it a try!!

This worked perfectly. Thank you to all that helped!

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