Disabling voicemail for intra-PBX (extension to extension) calls


I know this has been asked but I can’t really find a decent answer. I would like to disable calls going to voicemail when dialling a voicemail-enabled extension from another extension within the same PBX. Voicemail is to be enabled only when a call arrives to an extension via other paths (e.g. Inbound Route). Is this possible with the latest version of FreePBX?

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No, this isn’t a current feature in FreePBX. It would require the call logic to be completely rewritten to deal with this. It can be done but it will take a lot of work.

You could set the Ring Time for an extension to e.g. 120 seconds, but have the Inbound Route destination a Ring Group with just the one extension and a Ring Time of 25 seconds.

However, this won’t work properly with Follow Me, would need changes to handle call waiting disabled, etc.

What are you trying to accomplish? Do you want the destination phone to keep ringing (or keep signaling call waiting) after voicemail would have picked up? Or do you want to give an error message when voicemail would have picked up?

It was pretty clear. 100 calls 101 treat 101 as if no voicemail is enabled if 101 is busy/no answer. If an external call reaches 101 treat it as if 101 has voicemail.

The question I would ask is what happens when 100 gets an external call then transfers it to 101. Should the call go to voicemail since it is an external call?

This can be done with somewhat simple custom dialplan using a dialplan hook. These lines will check if the caller’s cid number has a matching local extension and if so, set’s a vm block:

exten => s,n,Macro(user-callerid)
exten => s,n,ExecIf($[${DIALPLAN_EXISTS(ext-local,${AMPUSER})}]?Macro(blkvm-setifempty,))

I have not tested this at all, just pulled it from another project. You need to start by reading this post: Hooking for fun and income

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Thank you. Will try reading this and see how I go. Also, our usage is pretty simple. No transferring of calls or follow me requirements. We have an intercom which is a SIP phone on our local network (GDS3710). It calls an extension when the bell button is pressed. Nobody usually answers the phone as they can see that there is somebody at the door and they open it. The call rings out and goes to voicemail. So we have hundreds of voicemails that are really useless. The extension is also used to recieve external calls.

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