Disabling UCP Allow Voicemail Settings also disallows Greetings and VmX Settings

If I go to Admin CP > User Management > Edit a group > UCP > Voicemail, and have all items set to yes, everything works as expected in the UCP.

Add the Voicemail widget, click the cog, and you get 3 tabs. Voicemail settings, Greetings, and VMX.

However, I want to stop access to settings, but continue to allow access to greetings and VMX.

In that admin panel, if I select “No” to “Allow Voicemail Settings” but keep the Greetings and VMX options on, even after a reboot of the system and clearing my browser cookies and cache, if I return to the UCP and click that cog, I get:

“Something went wrong getting the settings from the widget”

However the way that the admin panel settings are laid out, how there are 3 separate tabs, and that the greetings and VMX options do not hide if you select no to settings, suggests that even with settings disabled, greetings and VMX should continue to be available in the UCP. But they are not, settings disables all 3.

Am I going crazy?


Is nobody able to confirm if this behaviour is expected or a bug?

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