Disabling the Announcement for Parking Lots

Is there a way to disable the Parking slot announcement is PBXACT?

Did we just talk about this last week, or was it the “beep” that people were trying to get rid of?

I think it was the beep. I believe there is an option for the beep to disable it. I have played with FreePBx and it doesn’t announce the parking spot that the call is parked, but in PBXACT it always announces it.

No, I’m pretty sure that’s wrong. If you do an ‘park’ transfer, you will always get the parking slot announcement.

Are you trying to get rid of the parking slot announcement?.

I figured it out.

On a Polycom Phone it does a blind transfer to Parking Lot 70 and parks the call with no announcement.

Now I tried the same thing on a sangoma phone when trying to blind transfer it to 70 but it announces it. If i do a blind transfer to slot 71 it will not announce it… Is there a way to get the sangoma phone to do a blind transfer like the polycom.

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Use the XML Park key.
I also will use the key type DTMF with ##70# as the number to dial.