Disabling Sysadmin DDNS

Issue - External IP is incorrect because of VPN - System always shows VPN IP in “Detected External IP” and not the actual public IP

I have purchased the Sysadmin and under DDNS I have set Enable DDNS services to “NO”

I have tried the Optional “Force IP Address” and it appears to do nothing

Asterisk SIP Settings

Under General - I have set the “External IP” to my actual Public IP - Still shows the VPN IP

Under Chan SIP Settings - I have tried setting both Static IP to my Public IP and I have also tried setting the Dynamic IP to my DDNS service FQDN and still will only show the VPN IP

I have spent 2 weeks reading everything I can on this topic and do not understand why it is using an external ip detected under SysAdmin when I have tried to disable it.

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