Disabling Instrucions when getting to voicemail

my name is Florian and I a bit new to asterisk and FreePBX.
I have a problem disabling the instructions when a caller is getting to the voicemail.
At first a short description of my setup:
I have 1 trunk, 1 pjsip-Extension (600), 1 virtual Extension, 1 Anouncement and 1 time condition configured.
The inbound route is: trunk --> time condition1 —> Anouncement —> Virtual Extension (as voicemail)
trunk --> time condition1 —> Queue -----> pjsip-Extension
(Depending on what time it is)

I like to use the anouncement as voicemail “instruction” instead of a recorded message .
Although i have disabled “Disable Standard Prompt” in “Dialplan Behavior” in “Voicemail Admin”, the instructions “Extension 600 is unavailable…” a played.

Your help is much appreciated!

Thanks, florian

Instead of going to the virt extension, choose Voicemail as the destination, and there are options to suppress the greeting.

Hey, thanks alot, you made (the asterisk-ish part of) my day!


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