Disabled phoneapp; Pending update Errors

I got a red warning on my FreePbX dashboard.
These warning are in PhoneApps, SAngomaconnect, property management. These won’t update until EPM is upgraded to

I’m running FreePBX 15.

Does it mean that I have to upgrade to FreePBX 16?

What has everyone else’s experience with FreePBX 16? Recommend it? Buggy?

Are you using the paid version of EPM? If so, it looks like your maintenance expired, current version of EPM is 15.0.52.x in both stable and edge.

That’s correct. I haven’t renewed EPM for years now. The reason is because my organization uses Sangoma phones. Sangoma phones can be provisioned without paying for EPM. Please let me know if that’s accurate or not. Should I buy an update to EPM?

I should add that now all S500 phones have Follow Me Enabled (automatically). When I try to disable them, it says “failed to load xml files”. I suspect that it’s a problem with the phone apps.

Okay, since you’ve paid for Endpoint Manager you have two options. You can renew the maintenance in the normal way and continue to get updates once again. If you have no need of the paid features (i.e. you don’t need to provision non-sangoma phones) then you can open a billing and customer service ticket and request to have the paid EPM license for your deployment abandoned, and then use it as if you’ve never paid for it.

Thanks again. I’d like to know what would happen if I did any of the following 3 other options below:

  1. stop automatic update/upgrades && continue with FreePBX 15 then at some point upgrade to FreePBX 16
  2. wait until your once a year Black Friday sale to renew EMP for another year.
  3. do as you suggest, request EPM license abandoned and then rebuy lifetime license on Black Friday sale.

Love to hear your thoughts.

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