Disable UCP Welcome Message

When creating a new extension, a welcome message is being created. Is there a way to disable this function?

Dont create the user in extensions

i would like to create the user but don’t want a notification email. Why not an option to disable the creation of a welcome message?


  1. No one has requested this besides you
  2. If someone has/had they never opened a bug ticket for a feature request

In 12 where else can you create the extension? Via Bulk Extension?

Please notice what I said

Since we are not going to upgrade to FreePBX 13, then where can you create the extension and voicemail address if not in Extension or Bulk Extension?


You create the extension like normal. Just don’t create the user. When I say “user” I mean the User Manager User. You simply “unselect” “create user” in the extensions page. This is what I meant when i said “Dont create the user in Extensions”

It’s unfortunate that you won’t be upgrading to FreePBX 13.

To be clear, you mean that when creating a new extension in the Extensions module under User Manager Settings

Change the “Link to a Default User:” setting to none.

As to 13, that is a different discussion.


Why don’t we have it then? Open a new thread. I would be curious what your thoughts are.

Thank you, will work with this going forward.

As to the FreePBX issue, we are already discussing it under ticket 11093 http://issues.freepbx.org/browse/FREEPBX-11093

But in short, the way that FreePBX 13 forces us to do the opposite of what you have suggested here for FreePBX 12 where you need to create a user is a large part of it.

Hello, i will add my 1.5 cents on this as I searched for this very same thing and found your thread. I also do not wish this email to be sent upon ext. creation because i am setting up the new pbx way ahead of delivery to the customer and they have no idea why they are getting the email.
My workaround is to create the extension, then add the email address later. That way I have a user setup for UCP when the clients get trained on the system. More feedback on this is appreciated! Thanks to all who contribute here.

This is already a setting

ok, in 13 not in 12 i guess. we are trying to get there. We have upgraded our system but have many clients yet to upgrade. working on it and still need to get all of us familiar… Found your video on Vimeo though! Thanks Andrew