Disable registration

I am trying to add a new route from talkiefiber and I need to disable the registration. I can’t seem to find out how to do this.

I assume that you mean a new trunk.

On a pjsip trunk, you set Registration to None.
For a chan_sip trunk, you leave Register String blank.

Set up your Outbound Route(s) and confirm that you can make calls. If not, post details.

If you are using Talkie only for outgoing, you are done. Otherwise, you need to set it up so you can receive calls. I know nothing about Talkie, but any provider that works without registration will have a place on their portal where you can enter the IP address (of your PBX) and port where they should send calls. They will also provide information about the address(es) from which they send calls. Program any firewalls to pass these requests to your PBX and set up the trunk to recognize them. Also, set up your Inbound Routes to direct calls as desired.

If you still have trouble, post a link to Talkie documentation as well as your trunk settings (mask account numbers, phone numbers, passwords and anything else you feel is personal).

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