Disable nonce

Hi everyone.
I’m working with an alert system that reads a pcap file and shows if any type of fraud was executed.
Now I’m trying to create some tests samples and one of them is the Invite Replay Attack.

I’m using freePBX to create these cases and for this specific case I need to disable the nonce from authentication part. Is there anyway to disable it in freePBX?

Thanks in advance!

Not sure anyone would tell you if there was. That sounds alarmingly like:

“I can’t get into my Maserati because I forgot the security code, does anyone know how to override that?”


Yes but in this case only I can access to the Maserati and it doesn’t come out of the garage. :stuck_out_tongue:

Except when we tell you how to do it in a public forum, we’ve told everyone how to do that. If you’re really interested, you should contact the Sangoma folks with your bona fides so they can help you improve the system’s security as well as helping you with your project.

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