Disable 'Call Volume reporting"

I keep on getting an hourly report for call volume. How do I disable it?

There’s actually another thread about that - Abnormal Call Notification just started working! - where I was discussing it.

I’ve just added a ‘disable’ button, because a lot of people are in your shoes and have no idea what’s happening! (In Sysadmin


This was troubling me too. Thanks for update to Sysadmin, and default = No.
Actually, I was also slightly confused by the language “Call Volume”.
None of users said their calls were too load or soft, ie audio volume.
In our realm, we refer to number of calls as “call traffic” or “call frequency”.
We love your work. More thanks.

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Thank you . I will try that.

Update to latest SysAdmin and all your Call Volume Reporting problems should be solved.

( problem not resolved nor solved, just in abeyance hence no longer apparent :wink: ref @xrobau posts )

Yes it did thank you

However “in abeyance” sure does stop the unwanted hourly emails. :smiley:

Indeed @xrobau is very competent and very persistent, what he gives you might not be what you want, but ultimately it will likely be very useful, please standby to standby . . . .