Disable Call Monitor Download Icon

I’m not sure if this post is for AASTRA or FreePBX. however, i sign into the call monitor for an extension there are 2 icons one to play the call and the other to download the call.

How can i remove/disable the “download” icon. I only want people to listen to their calls, but not download them.

the page i am seeing this on is as follows:



I have no idea if this is wise, but it does seem to do what you are asking. Locate the file:

locate line 260 that looks like this:

and change it to this:

This line is what i changed…
$downloadLink = “<a href=misc/audio.php?recindex=” . $i . “><img src=‘theme/images/drive_go.png’ title=” . _(“Download”) . “>”;

I actually changed the link to :
$downloadLink = ‘’;

which is perfect as it completely removes the icon/option to download and only leaves the Listen/Play icon.

thanks for your pointer it got me the solution that needed.