Disable call forwarding initiated by REST Call forward

I used to call forward with the phone feature on the cisco phone. A benefit of using phone based cfwd is that it’s very easy to enable disable cfwd when not physically at the phone. I just vpn to the office, log on to the web interface of the phone enter the number and bob’s your uncle.

I know the sangoma s500 has a similar feature built in, and I can also add a button (horizontal line) to activate cfwd when I am sitting by the phone. And when I am away I can turn cfwd on and off via the webinterface. A benefit of this feature is that it also enables DND for that phone.

I requested an option to have this feature (phone cfwd) beging setup through EPM but you advised me to use the REST Call foward app. Is there a way for me to enable/disable this when I am not in the office (by logging on to freepbx for example?)

Or maybe you can tell me the featurecode to create a cfwd for this phone so I can make a BLF with cfwd on the vertical buttons?


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Not sure what the question is, but you can enable/disable Call Forward in UCP, through the Phone REST App or by feature code, or any combination of these.