Disable BLF Flash When Line In Use On Multi Line Phones

We have a number of Grandstream GXP160s in a ring group. If someone is already on the phone their BLF on the other phones still blinks ringing when a second call comes into the ring group. So my question is there a way to not blink the BLF for anyone who is already on the phone without setting skip busy agent on the ring group? I want them to still be able to answer the phone if necessary.


There are “Call Pickup” features that you can program into the phone to facilitate this. Honestly though. Skip Busy Agents is the right way to handle this. The likelihood that you are going to run into a situation where the agent isn’t included in the call is pretty small, and the use of “*8” (IIRC) to pick up the ringing ring-group phone should satisfy your needs for that very small set of circumstances where you might run into problems.

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