Disable any type of automatic updates

Hi Guys,
I have some self installed unsigned modules and also custom changes / development in code of freePBX and i don’t want it to be updated because it will revert all changes i’ve done in backend. It actually updated the frame work under vulnerable to security threats which reverted all my work which ive done.

Is there any way i can stop every type of update on FeePBX / server and sure myself it will not happen

Thanks guys.

In ‘setting’ ‘advanced’, disable ‘automatic security updates’

Thanks dicko, I’ve make it disabled from Advanced Settings, let’s see how goes it go.
Just checking, what about the module update. Is this change will stop automatic modules updates as well ? or we have to disable any other option for stop automatic modules updates ?


I am not aware of any other automatic updates in FreePBX, I would hope that any/all others are “opt-in”

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