Disable a specific sound/voice prompt

Is it possible to disable a specific sound prompt? Specifically, I’d like to not receive the sound prompt in response to toggling DND on/off. Everything I’m seeing in the wiki, etc, is related to changing the language…not seeing anything on disabling, changing or deleting a recording. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks!

Settings, Advanced settings, Feature Codes Beep Only

Great…thank you! Nothing to allow for editing/disabling only specific prompts though, correct? Wholesale “Beep Only” or Voice Prompts are the options?

Possibly not the ‘only’ option :wink: , at a lower level you can replace specific sound files in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/(language)/* with ‘empty’ files or perhaps less intrusively just remove the read permissions from them (never tried that, but it should work, and just accept any bitching in the logs) the exact base file being requested should be apparent in the log file,( base file is the name of the file without an extension) so . . . .

Great. Thanks a bunch. Much appreciated!

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