DISA Through Different Trunk


I am trying to figure out how to get a DISA to go through a different trunk than it would being sent through the “from-internal” context.

I made a custom context and put it at the very end of extensions_custom.conf

exten => _NXXNXXXXXX,1,AbsoluteTimeout(6000)
exten => _NXXNXXXXXX,2,Macro(dialout-trunk,1,${EXTEN},)
exten => _NXXNXXXXXX,3,Macro(outisbusy) ; No available circuits

I then set the DISA to use the custom-davedisa context. This should use trunk OUT_1 as described in extensions_additional.conf

However, when I call and enter in a 10 digit number, it just waits a second, and hangs up on me.

Any suggestions?

I not able to view the user name on the flash panel.
Even i have install the latest version of flash.
Some can view but some cannot.
Any one can tell me what happen???