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I need to configure our PBX to allow remote workers (during this global pandemic) to make outgoing calls through our PBX.

I came across a possible soloution using DISA, however have been unable to find any notes on how to impliment

Ideally I would like the remote user to dial into our system, and dial an extension which would prompt for the DISA pin, followed by the number to be dialed

Any guidance would be appreciated

Thank you

Have you reviewed the wiki:


Yes, I did find this info and used it to setup the DISA portion, however im now stumped as to how to link to a outbound route

Thank you

Normally, you wouldn’t have to. The default context is from-internal, which would have access to the same routes as your internal extensions.

If all your outbound routes are restricted to specific caller IDs (extension numbers), that could explain why it’s not working.

Thanks for the suggestion - now resolved !

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