Disa- replacement destination instead of busy tone?

Is there a way in disa that instead of giving me a busy tone because I dialed an invalid number, let it go to a message saying something like “you have dialed an invalid number. Please try again” and give me a dial tone again, and I would be able to try 3 more times, or as many times as it takes?



nobody interested?

I’ve never used disa or installed it, but you have access to the script that runs to do it. Take a look at that and make the changes you think are needed. Once you get it the way you want post the differances as a enhancement in trac. It then might get included in a future release.

FYI: if you do it until they are rolled into the release you’ll want to change ownership/remove write permission for asterisk or it will get overwritten. And always make a backup copy of it someplace besides on the box in case it dies…

I cant find the script though
anyone know where it is?

you’ll need to read the dial plan in extensions.conf to start, it might then call a script which would be located in the /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin directory. But Like I said I’ve not installed disa so don’t know and can’t find it on mine as I’ve never even downloaded the module.